Cathi D.'s Legislator Communication Paper Trail

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Cathi D., Mt. Laurel, is a constituent of NJ state Assemblyman Herb Conaway. She is also Jim Miller's significant other. Cathi first emailed her assembly representative through Conaway’s legislative website in September 2019 and got no response. Then she and Jim visited his office a month later and talked with “Gina” about the nature of her email that apparently “slipped through the cracks”. Gina called Cathi that evening to say that the information she dropped off was on Conaway’s desk and someone would be in touch. After no reply for two months Cathi sent this email to Gina.

December 17, 2019 Gina,                                                                                                   

It has been over ¼ of a year since my first constituent request to schedule a meeting with a staff member for myself and my partner who is a medical marijuana patient. The stated purpose was to have a staff member fully assimilate the nature of our concern(s) and present it to Dr. Conaway for him to be able to be prepared for a subsequent meeting, the first meeting with him.

After that email sent through your legislative website was left unanswered for over a month, I along with Jim brought it to your office and spoke with you, leaving additional information for Assemblyman Conaway to go over before having a meeting scheduled. I thought that would save time and help him be prepared. You then called me that evening to verify that it was indeed on his desk. That was perhaps two months ago. Not a peep since.

Medical cannabis patients are now looking to the 14 current senators who voted in favor of our medical cannabis bill S119 a decade ago, requesting that they sponsor a stand-alone bill allowing for the home cultivation rights that they had already voted for in that bill, 6 cannabis plants per patient. That provision was pulled from S119's companion bill, A804, by Chairman Conaway 10 minutes before the vote in his Assembly Health Committee, without explanation then or now. Sadly, I was there with Jim to experience that unexplained blindside of sick and dying patients. Now, patients need to know what went wrong then in order to know if that impediment still exists. I would argue, publicly if necessary, that sick and dying patients deserve that information. For some, their lives depend on it.

I will be sending a certified copy of this email to your office; which I imagine you will be signing for. This will be my last request for an appointment with Assemblyman Conaway. As a constituent and a first-time contact, I would hope that this will all be proven to be a simple matter to correct with the scheduling of an ASAP meeting. 1000+ NJ registered medical cannabis patients have died since my first contact with your office over 3 months ago according to extrapolated DOH statistics. This will be my last request for a meeting with Assemblyman Conaway to meet with Jim and me. If left unanswered again I will have no choice but to leave it to Jim on how to proceed next. Please google search Jim Miller NJ medical marijuana to understand the benefit of compliance with this request.

Cathi D.

Mount Laurel, NJ

This email reply came back 15 minutes later:

Hello Catherine,